Introduction of Microsoft Excel 2007

Introduction of Microsoft Excel 2007 in One Sight

·         Microsoft excel is an electronic spreadsheet.

·          We use excel for arrange data in table (rows and columns) and for calculation on this data.

·         It is developed by Microsoft Company.

·         You can maintain a huge record in excel.

·         Every Excel file is called Workbook.

·         One Workbook has by default three sheets.

·         You can delete sheets and add new sheets.

·         One sheet is made with 1048576 Rows and 16384 Columns.

·         You can make mark sheet for students.

·         You can maintain any office, company, School, College, Hospital, Institute;   Industry etc even Home records with the help of Excel.

·         You can make salary sheet and Cotation Sheet also.

·         Many Govt Department use Excel for their official purpose.

·         If we anyone say that I know computer basics then he should have knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

·         So Now In our all tutorials we will teach you how to use excel in for makes those things which we have discussed above.