Paras Hospital - Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation
90%Paras Hospital - Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery done for Hair Transplantation, Lipoplasty, Tummy Tuck, Male Breast Enlargement, Face Lift and Rhinoplasty.

Hair Transplantation

Single Follicular unit, Follicular unit extraction (F.U.E.),Strip technique, Body hair transplant.It Is day care surgery patient can be discharge by same day.


We use Laser Technique for Unwanted Hair Reduction, Rejuvination, Birth Marks, Tatoo Removal, Pigmentation and Scar Reduction.


Power assisted liposuction; Tumescent anaesthesia; Fat transfer-filling, Lipoplasty, body contour.Unwanted fats or bulges can be corrected by liposuction.

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