Kothapalli Jayashankar
Indian academic and Social Activist


Professor Kothapalli Jayashankar (born 6 August 1934) is an Indian academic and politician. He  is  the  present  ideologue  of TRS  party. He  has  been  fighting  for  a  separate  state  since  1952. He  often  states  that  unequal  distribution  of  river  water  was  the  root  cause  of  separate  Telangana  movement .He is the former Vice Chancellor of  Kakatiya Universit and an activist  in the Separate Telangana Movement.

Early Life :
K. Jayashankar was born in Hyderabad.
He  did  his  M.A.  Economics  (Banaras),  M.A.  Economics  (Aligarh)  and  Ph.D.  in  Economics  (Osmania  
University),B.Ed. (Osmania).

K.  Jayashankar  as  a  young  student  of  intermediate  walked  out  of  his  class  as  a  protest  for  state  
reorganization in 1952. Then, in 1962, he was part of a campaign which rocked the region. As a lecturer,
in  1968,  he  participated  in  the  revived  agitation.  He  carried  out  his  struggle  for
Telangana through research and academic studies, and by educating people on the cause.

Teaching career:
He was a professor in economics. He also worked as Vice-Chancellor of Kakatiya University.
(i )   Taught Economics and supervised research at Doctoral Level.
(ii )   Made  in-depth  studies  on  the  problems  emanating  from  regional  disparities  in  the  levels  of  
development with special reference to A.P.
(iii   )   Has to his credit a large number of papers publi
shed in the areas of Economic Development and
Educational Economics. b) Administration



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